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GLAMOUR 101 Course Description

The Glamour 101 Course is designed as an introduction for those who have desire to learn about makeup application. This interactive hands-on workshop starts with the basics and quickly moves into techniques that are essential for a  successful one-on-one glamour appointment. 
The curriculum consists of the following:
  • Foundation Testing, Color Matching & Applications
  • Super Easy Step by Step Application
  • Day Makeup
  • The Essentials of Makeup Application
  • Product Knowledge: Learn about how various makeup products work together to create the look women desire.
  • Creating various “beauty” looks and enhancing beautiful features 
  • Learning specific techniques that will help you feel more confident in working with other women
  • Correct eye shapes and master many eye make-up techniques that will draw attention to the most beautiful features of the face
  • And much more

ADVANCE GLAMOUR Course Description

The Advance Glamour Course is a hands-on course that teaches fundamental make-up techniques by combining essential principals with practical application, all while providing information on the latest trends. 
The curriculum consists of the following:
  • Foundation Testing, Color Matching & Application
  • Super Easy Step by Step Application
  • How to Build Flawless Looking Skin with Foundation
  • Highlight & Contour
  • Creating the Perfect Smokey Eye for numerous eye shapes
  • Creating your own Perfect Signature Makeup Look
  • Brow Shaping and Design
  • Beauty Enhancements (Daytime, Evening Makeup)
  • False Eyelash Application
  • Classic Eye Technique
  • Learning Gorgeous Makeup application for Bridal, Photography etc
  • And Much More